About Skip Truck Traders

The company was founded in 2006 and started off in small factory the heart of Alrode South.

Over the past number of years the company has grown to become one of the leaders in the manufacture of waste and recycling equipment. Through the owners' vision the company has geared itself towards new technology to promote a product with its main emphasis being not only on quality but also to be cost effective to the end user.

The company's sustained and steady growth over the past few years has created employment within the local labour force. It facilitates the needs and expectations of its current workforce of over 80 employees and continually strives for better working conditions and a cleaner environment.

To accomodate the growth and the need for increased productivity, the company moved premises to central Alrode. The new premises boasts a total undercover area of 4 000 square meters, housing a specially designed 1 500 square meter factory, along with a 20 000 square meter yard.

With increase in production, the additional factory space and under cover area, the company can accommodate a substantial increase in orders as well as being able to keep stock levels of skip containers to minimum of 200 at any given time.

Skip Truck Traders is in the process of building four specialized items of equipment that will drastically reduce the manufacturing cost of the end product. This saving will be passed onto the end user, in keeping with our values of quality and cost effective products and services.




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